The automatic dispenser system by JKR is sensor-controlled and dispenses completely touchless. The cover encloses the complete dispenser and does not have any gaps that could be contaminated or germinated. The window is overmoulded without any gaps and allows the fill level to be checked at a glance. The cover is made of high impact PS material and secured by a metallic lock. Our dispensers are characterised by their robustness and long service life. In addition, they meet industry standards.


Features & Benefits


High filling capacity
Simple installation
Battery operation
Long service life
Individual print
Up to 150,000 activations per battery set


Technical Specifications


Battery: 4x Size D, LR20, 6 V DC
Dosing volume liquid: 1.0 ml
Dosing volume foam: 0.8 ml
Filling volume: 800 ml
Bottle type: refillable or single use
Dimensions: 310 x 105 x 118 mm
Sensor: touchless
Operational range: 10 °C – 45 °C